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'Drippy' Travel Tumbler

'Drippy' Travel Tumbler

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A fresh, insulated 16oz cup to carry your froth of choice from Point A to Point B, or keep that froth extra cold or warm for extended periods. A collaboration with Stanley.

From Stanley : Toss the red plastic cups and put away the glass beer pints—neither are made to survive the outdoors anyway. Our vacuum-insulated stainless steel Adventure Pint is supremely durable, so it won’t break, shatter, or rust. It also keeps your brew ice-cold for hours. You can stack them neatly in your camping kit or kitchen cabinet when you’re done.

hot icon45 MINS HOT cold icon4 HRS COLD iced icon15 HRS ICED
- 'Drippy' logo printed on one side.
- Dishwasher safe